I'll help YOU scale with property, with as little as £10,000

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Why people don't scale in property

Scaling in property can be a challenging endeavor, and many people struggle to do so because they lack the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the complex systems and processes involved. In addition, individuals may become distracted by the allure of the latest trend or shiny penny, diverting their focus away from developing a coherent strategy that aligns with their unique goals and resources. Without a clear roadmap and a solid understanding of the various elements involved, individuals may make costly mistakes and fall short of their desired outcomes.

Ultimately, success in property scaling requires a
combination of sound strategy, careful planning, and the right knowledge to navigate the various challenges and opportunities presented in the market.

Why people scale with me

My 5-Step Property Blueprint

Step 1: Reverse engineer your goals and develop a suitable strategy

In this first step, we will work on understanding your mind and discovering how to get the best results. We will also help you develop an 18-month plan and set goals to get to what you are trying to achieve. Additionally, we will help you discover what strategy is suited to your short-term and long-term goals.

Step 2: Understanding the ins and outs of the strategy and the cheat codes

In this step, we will help you understand how to find and secure great deals, whether it’s by going direct to the vendor, finding deals through agents, or building a pipeline. We will also help you understand the cheat codes to make the most of the strategy.

Step 3: Select an area and understand your demographic and end user.

In this step, we will help you understand what you’ll need to add value to a property and how to add value. We will also help you understand all the sizing requirements and what to look for when you view a property, providing you with a checklist and have a clear avatar of your end user.

Step 4: Find creative finance options

In this step, I will help you understand how to raise private finance, structure creatively when doing a deal.

Step 5: Finding deals that stack and learn how to appraise them.

In this step, we will help you understand how to find deals that generate great returns, appraise deals with all fees, and find your bottom line.

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About Me

I am a motivated and driven property entrepreneur with a digital marketing background. Over the past 4 years I have grown a management company based in London managing over £5 million worth of property.

I have an established and great rapport within the property sector whilst having managed over 50+ rooms across London & Essex and now with my development company ADK Property the focus is Delivering Elite Homes and raising the levels of accommodation through the passion of quality and design.

My name is Aaron Kodua, and I’m a young and dynamic property entrepreneur from London. Through hard work and determination, I’ve been able to scale my property business over the last few years, with almost half a million in revenue and a growing portfolio worth over a million pounds.

In addition to my own success, I’m passionate
about helping others achieve their goals in the property industry. With my experience and knowledge, I’m able to assist individuals with as little as £10,000 to scale their businesses and build successful property portfolios. I believe that
everyone should have access to the tools and resources they need to achieve their dreams, and I’m committed to sharing my expertise and helping others succeed in the industry.

Are YOU ready to SCALE in property?